Wednesday, February 18th, 2015 · 7:30PM · Jean-Charles François Trio

Bread & Salt
1955 Julian Avenue
San Diego, CA 92113
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$15.00 and $10.00 students

PFL Traject
The improbable meeting of three musicians - Pascal Pariaud, Jean-Charles François, and Gilles Laval - is at the origin of the creation of the group PFL Traject (in 2006). The terms of "traveling," of "trajectory," in their plural dimensions are the constituent elements that best define PFL Traject, concerning as much the history of each individual member as what determines the collective improvised playing. The members of the group all went through very different journeys.

Within PFL Traject, improvisation is defined as different from composition, on the basis of a continuous process of collective creativity, which never leads to the identification of a definitive work. The improvisation concerns the details of the performance, which are never pre-planned, but the trio has developed a series of protocols used, prior to performances, with the objective to build together collective sounds through actual playing. These protocols are also used in pedagogical situations, which are an important part of the trio's activity.



Pascal Pariaud is a clarinetist, pipes blower, singer, choral conductor and player of diatonic accordion. He is involved with improvisation, early music, and contemporary music.

Jean-Charles François is a percussionist and composer. He taught at UC San Diego (1972-90) and was director of the Cefedem Rhône-Alpes in Lyon (1990-2007). His interests are in the experimental side of contemporary music.

Gilles Laval is an electric guitarist, composer, coming from the alternative scene and from electroacoustic music, and now in experimental performance, improvisation and multi art projects. Both Pariaud and Laval teach at the Villeurbanne National Music School in the Lyon area.