Friday, May 1st, 2015 · 7:30PM · Kjell Nordeson

Bread & Salt
1955 Julian Avenue
San Diego, CA 92113
7:30PM - opens in new window
$15.00 and $10.00 students

Equally conversant in notated music and jazz improvisation, Norderson divides his time between Stockholm and San Diego. Nordeson is a well-known figure in the improvisational world with multiple recordings in groups led by figures such as Ken Vandermark, Larry Ochs, and Jon Raskin as well as the Clean Feed-Records group Angles. For Fresh Sound he will present Walking with Mirabeau, a concert trusting the process of the music unfolding while playing.

Walking with Mirabeau
Count Mirabeau spoke to his fellow revolutionaries in a speech that is said to have impacted the outcome of the French Revolution. Asked about the speech afterwards, he admitted that he, when he had started speaking, had not been sure how to end it. He trusted his ability to compose the speech whilst speaking; he improvised.

Walking with Mirabeau is a concert trusting the process of the music unfolding while playing. Walking with Mirabeau is also about juxtaposition. Stylistic clashes, and the constant dialogue between improvisation and composition are exposed and emphasized through the form of the concert. At certain points during an hour of mainly improvised music, I will arrive at Rebonds b by Iannis Xenakis, Omar II by Franco Donatoni, and Prelude in Eb minor (Well-Tempered Clavier, book I) by J.S. Bach. These pieces will be surrounded by improvisations and recorded material, like islands in an improvisatory stream.



Kjell Nordeson is a Swedish percussionist with a main focus on improvisation. Together with saxophonist Mats Gustafsson, he formed AALY Trio in 1986. AALY Trio became one of the leading groups in the Swedish experimental scene in the 90's. Nordeson has toured extensively in North America, Europe, North Africa and Japan with various groups; altogether over 1200 performances in 26 different countries, most recently in Moscow, Molde, Antwerpen, Krakow and Vienna. He has performed with Peter Brötzmann, Barry Guy, Ken Vandermark, Joe Morris, William Parker, Paul Rutherford, Gerry Hemingway, Frank Gratkowski, Mark Dresser and Stefano Scodanibbio, and many others.

In 1994, he founded Co. Alba with choreographer Nathalie Ruiz. Co. Alba is a platform for Nordeson's work as a composer. Ruiz and Nordeson have jointly produced numerous dance performances; their latest piece, a short film entitled Désiré, was commissioned by Swedish Television. Nordeson has worked as musician and composer in numerous theatre performances at Sweden's Dramaten (Royal Dramatic Theater), Riksteatern (National Theater), and Stockholm's Stadsteater (City Theater). Nordeson is a regular member of the following musical groups: Nacka Forum, Katzen Kapell, sfSoundGroup, Angles, and Swedish Azz. He has appeared on over 50 CDs with these and other groups. In 2004, Nordeson relocated to San Francisco, and has since then been active in the San Francisco Bay Area scene with its thriving community of free-improvised, experimental and new music.

Nordeson is currently pursuing a PhD in Music at University of California, San Diego. He studies percussion with Steven Schick and is a member of the Red Fish Blue Fish percussion ensemble.