Chris Speed, tenor saxophone; Jim Black, percussion; Trevor Dunn, bass; Oscar Noriega, alto saxophone and clarinets.

Oscar Noriega"s first musical experience was performing in a Ranchera group with his four brothers growing up in Arizona. Brooklyn-based since 1992, he is currently working with Tim Berne"s Snake Oil, Gerry Hemingway, and co-leads the Mexico- inspired Banda de los Muertos.

Drummer Jim Black"s musical creativity has made him one of the most in-demand drummers in the jazz/new music scene today. In 2000, Jim released his acclaimed debut recording, AlasNoAxis on Winter & Winter Recordings (called "A masterpiece of future jazz" by The Wire) and has since built a discography of 5 acclaimed recordings, including the latest "Antiheroes" (2012).  

One of the leading saxophonists and clarinetists of his generation, Chris Speed has made an indelible mark on NYC music through his work in improvisation, jazz, and new music. Dedicated to working bands, he is a founding member of Human Feel, Pachora, Alas No Axis, The Claudia Quintet, and Bloodcount.(2012).  

Bassist/composer Trevor Dunn can be heard on over 90 recordings including the works of Mr. Bungle and Fantomas. He has recently been playing with Tomahawk, John Zorn, the Melvins Lite, Curtis Hasselbring, and his new band MadLove.